Fugakirra Town

Fugakirra town is nestled inside the crater of an dormant volcano, and is located on an island near the tip of the archipelago of the Fire Nation. The town in arranged vertically down the crater and throat of the volcano ending in a pool of exposed magma, with numerous bridges and shelves spanning its’ breadth. Fugakirra is ruled by an elected elder, and a hereditary spiritual shaman. These two work together to ensure the well being of the town.

Fugakirra is alive with plant life as the heat and humidity are perfect for numerous different plants, most houses have gardens in their windows, or on their roofs. Obsidian tools and weapons are common in the area, even most jewellery is make from obsidian.

The population of the town is roughly eight hundred many of whom are craftsmen. The Fugakirra trade widely with other nearby towns and even with the Earth Kingdom, loading their goods onto passing Fire Nation zeppelins. The majority of non flora foodstuffs come from hunting, as the layout of the town does not easily allow cultivation of livestock.

Fugakirra houses a well renowned Kung-Fu school,teaching the children of the town form the age of five. Those that have the ability to bend spend a time each day with the bending masters, who number one of each discipline.

Fugakirra Town

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